Tom Schrader Headshot 20170823.jpg

Tom Schrader

Tom Schrader is the President of Interconnect Sales, Inc.  In addition to leading our organization, Tom provides Field Sales Engineering for Key Customers in Washington and manages our supplier relationships. 

Beginning his career in 1987, Tom worked in electronic distribution before joining his former partners in a Manufacturer’s Rep firm. As a Rep, Tom was focused on building relationships with the distributors who provided the best service to the customer base. While sharing lines with Interconnect Sales in the early 1990s, Tom appreciated the traditional values of our firm and the ability to “do the right thing” for customers.

An employee since 1996 and shareholder since 2001, Tom believes that our business will continue to grow by investing in the right people, and focusing on the long term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

When not solving problems for customers or promoting our efforts with our factories, Tom enjoys boating, bike riding, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Email Tom Schrader or reach via cell at 206-953-8689.